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Can You Do My Homework For Me?

Ever ask someone to do your homework for you? Come on, be honest. I did once. Got turned down so I sucked it up and did it myself like I was supposed to. Even leaders sometimes do this under the … Continue reading

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Sunday Recap

Here are some notes from “Just As….”, part of the “Road to Recovery” series given yesterday at The Fountain. Followers of Jesus have been called to exhibit a higher standard of relational living. We don’t do relationships the same way … Continue reading

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Avoiding “Stupid”

I love what I do. No….really, I do. So while this post may seem like a rant and a vent, it’s not. Well…. maybe it is. You will infer from this what you want. Pastoring is tough….and don’t start with … Continue reading

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In this week’s Vlog we discuss trying to lead from a place of suspicion. Enjoy.

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