Best of 2013 – Twitter

I’m an inconsistent blogger. I admit it. No excuses.

My blogging life pales in comparison to my activity on Twitter. Not sure what that means but that’s just the way it is – for now anyway. Many people close to me have been in my ear (in a good way) telling me I need to write more consistently. That’s the goal but since I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions, let’s just say I will try to do better in 2014.

That said, I thought it would be fun to compile a list of my top Tweets from 2013. For all of you Twitterless people out there, Twitter is a social media forum that allows users to share thoughts, links, photots, etc, in 140 characters or less. I love Twitter because I can link it with Facebook and bypass a step in the Social Media jungle. Anyway, I’m rambling. I could only access my Twitter timeline as far back as May, but it’s interesting to look back and see what you were processing and thinking at certain intervals of a year. Here is my very subjective Best of Twitter, 2013 list. Enjoy,

Best of 2013 – Twitter

@jonj8368: The America many of us grew up in no longer exists. The gospel, however, transcends time and cultural shifts. God give us grace to navigate.

@jonj8368: When God starts pulling things out of your life it’s a 2-fold purpose: to bring healing to your soul and to glorify his name. Don’t fight it

@jonj8368: Can someone explain why a kid would choose a 12 cent package of Top Ramen over a really nice turkey sandwich loaded with meat and cheese?

@jonj8368: If the flagpole scene from “A Christmas Story” happened in 2013, Flick would have filed a bullying charge; Ralphie and Shwartz suspended.

@jonj8368: Our vision has to be rooted in the foundation of what was to connect what is with what we believe will be.

@jonj8368: If our focus is always on the next move of God, we will miss what He is doing right now. Jesus lived in the moment. We should follow.

@jonj8368: Well over 700 people graced our Moon Valley campus tonight for Fall Festival. I’m overwhelmed and grateful for an amazing evening

@jonj8368: Until God has called you to lay on your side for a year while making clay armies and cooking over cow dung, u don’t have it rough. #Ezekiel

@jonj8368: Some friends are seasonal, some are covenant, destined to be with you a lifetime. Be discerning enough 2 know the difference & invest wisely

@jonj8368: If the church I lead never becomes a “mega” but my marriage is solid and my kids are following Jesus, I will have done my job. #priorities

@jonj8368: Never ceases to amaze me that people with Jesus hardware and stickers on their car don’t think the parking rules apply to them. #badwitness

@jonj8368: Empowering leaders on ur team is more than delegating tasks; it’s giving permission to bring their brains to work & unleash their creativity

@jonj8368: When you do something stupid, just admit it. You’ll feel better and not have to waste time convincing people it wasn’t your fault.

@jonj8368: Communion and Baptism are not relics of a bygone era, they are commanded celebrations given to remind us of Jesus’ death & resurrection

@jonj8368: Tragedies can turn to growth milestones when we respond as though God is with us. #road2recovery #onward @fliphoenix

@jonj8368: Anytime you set vision for your church you have to be prepared for people to get on board or get off. As the leader u have to be ok with it

@jonj8368: I’m old enough to remember when people dressed their best to fly on a plane. Now I wish they would just dress. Have some modesty people.

@jonj8368: When your identity is wrapped up in what you DO rather than who you ARE, you are setting yourself up for failure.

@jonj8368: What you get out of church rarely rises above your expectations. Expect to be transformed by His Presence today and see what happens

@jonj8368: Pondering the depth of forgiveness. Culture sometimes forgives but NEVER forgets. God forgives and forgets ALWAYS. None like Him. #awe

@jonj8368: Maybe I shouldn’t but when a guy walks into a bank with a ski cap and dark sweatshirt when it’s 106 out, I get a little nervous

@jonj8368: Aristocats with Charity. If all cats were as cool as Thomas O’Malley the Alley Cat, I might change my mind about the species.

@jonj8368: So I find out that Hotel California has nothing to do with Satanism. Whew! Now I can play it backwards with no fear of being brainwashed.

@jonj8368: Preaching is a term paper & presentation due every week and given to people who’ve seen, heard, & know it all – and will grade you privately

@jonj8368: That awkward moment when your out of town guest ends up with a bug in her salad. #freemeal @allisonsmalls

@jonj8368: Just baptized 9 sixth graders who went through our Launching Pad ministry. All received Jesus and went public with their faith. #GoGod

Happy 2014 Everyone!

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