Morocco/Israel Day 5

We’ve almost reached the half way point on this excursion and what an honor it has been to see this country first hand. Our hosts have been spectacular and we have been able to forge a much deeper relationship with them, which I believe will serve us well going forward. As a church, we will have a better understanding of how to pray for this nation and the endeavors going on here.

As I stated yesterday, the light needs to shine into darkness and we need to pray that God will continue to raise up believers who will be that beacon of light and leverage their circle of influence for God’s Kingdom work in this nation.

We started the morning with a season of prayer before heading back into the heart of Marrakech. We had some great times taking in part of the old city (which is still behind the original city walls) via horse and carriage.

MOC Carriage Ride

It gave us an opportunity to witness the variety of life and culture that exists here. After that we had an opportunity to take a camel ride. THAT was awesome and no, it didn’t spit on me. My camel’s name was Fatima and she was 15 years old, the most experienced of the bunch, however, I was worried that her back would get crushed from the excess weight of this American. Here’s a link to a very short video of this experience.

Camel Ride

We finished our time in Marrakech prayer walking at a large Mosque. Friday is the holy day of the week for Muslims and as they were filing in to pray during the noon hour, we silently walked the perimeter, praying in the Spirit that God and believing God for breakthrough in this nation. We then boarded the Marrakech Express (someone tweeted to me that this was a song) and made the 4 1/2 hour trek back to Rabat. Tomorrow we transit back to Paris and Sunday morning we will fly on to Israel. Thanks to all of you for keeping up with me. We are having a blessed time.

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  1. dwfaust says:

    Here’s a link to the lyrics and an MP3 of Crosby, Stills & Nash singing Marrakesh Express.

    The camel ride was a hoot… but feeling your burden for the people… praying for the veil of darkness to be lifted and the Light of the Gospel to shine through in that place… be blessed, Jon!

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