Morocco/Israel Day 4

We are now four days into this trip I am getting a great read on the spiritual climate of this beautiful country. The religious strongholds here are rooted deep into the history and culture of its people and today’s events proved to me that the light desperately needs to shine in the darkness.

This morning we boarded a commuter train in Rabat and journeyed 4 1/2 hours south to the city of Merrakech. The train ride itself gave us an impressive panoramic view of the Morrocan landscape which is replete with lush farming and numerous tiny villages. About an hour into the trip we passed through the historic city of Casablanca which houses the only Starbucks in Morocco. I couldn’t convince the conductor to stop, so my Starbucks fix will have to wait until we get back to Paris.

Merrakech is a quaint city and after checking in at the hotel, we boarded a taxi to take us to the inner city square where much of life happens. There is quite a large sukh (marketplace) here similar to Rabat in concept but much different in flavor. Private merchandise vendors, musicians and food stands line the square but the oppression I felt here was quite severe.

Aside from the fact that there are snake charmers in the open square (I kept a healthy distance) along with tarot card readers, monkey and falcon handlers, there is also a practicing witch doctor who will “cure” any ailment you have for a nominal fee. I am extremely sensitive to spiritual environments and my spirit was doing backflips as we weaved our way through the masses. All I could do was pray in the Spirit for God to send His light into this immense darkness so the blinders can come off the eyes of these wonderful people.

One doesn’t even have to be a follower of Christ to recognize that the effects of sin have taken their toll in this part of the country. We need to keep this country and our friends here at the top of our prayer list. Near the end of our time in the square we wandered to a small cafe on the rooftop of an adjacent building and prayed over Merrakech. Lord of the harvest, send forth laborers into your harvest – laborers who have the Holy Spirit and power who can penetrate this darkness with your light. Let it be.

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2 Responses to Morocco/Israel Day 4

  1. dwfaust says:

    Praying for those charged with trying to reach the country of Morocco. And remembering that as big as the problems and needs are, our God is bigger.

  2. Chrissy Wilhelm says:

    May the light pierce thru the dark more than it ever has and, may every soul feel his love.

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