Lite the Fire – Day 6

The weekend for The Fountain proved to be pivotal. In case you missed it, the Sunday morning service was one of the best weekend services we’ve had in my tenure as Senior Pastor. Our incredible worship team led by Jacque Reynolds and Brittany Thomas took the church straight to the throne. The atmosphere was charged and passionate from the first note. We went after God and never looked back.

Funny how God works. I worked diligently on my message for Sunday morning but as we got into the flow of the service it became clear to me that we would be staying in the atmosphere of worship for the entirety of the morning. You all know how seriously I take the preaching of the Word, but this was definitely something special. We opened the mic for prayer and encouraging words and it was so exciting as a Pastor to see all ages coming to share what God had put in them during the first half of LTF. During the course of the service I had a fear sweep over me.

“Jon, if you go this direction, half the people will leave.”

I heard that phrase over and over in my head at least a dozen times but at the end of the service, I turned around to address the church and not one person had left. The place was still full! I knew immediately that a decision had been made by this amazing, hungry congregation that they want the Presence and Power of God in their lives and in our church. My response? Let’s go for it.

My vision for the house hasn’t changed. I know God wants us to fulfill the great commission in our city, but how much more effective will we be as a community of believers when we are going forth with a greater awareness and operation of God’s Presence and Power in our lives. Fountain, it is a new day and after this week, we will never be the same.

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3 Responses to Lite the Fire – Day 6

  1. Jennifer Boyd says:

    Awesome, God!!! Fountain of Life you are amazing and a great delight to the Lord. GO ALL the WAY with HIM. We Love you all

  2. another awesome tapestry on the road to greater corporate intimacy with HIM

  3. Ken Mitchell says:

    Both my wife Samantha and I come from different backgrounds. While both Christians (and Pentecostals) the search to find a church for us has been one of endless debate, questions, and prayer. After having attended Fountain of Life for the past few months, I can honestly say that as we walked out of service we didn’t even need to say a word, this was truly the church for us. As both longtime church goers the worship service Sunday was unlike anything I have ever experienced. It was beautiful, perfect, and divine. We were filled with the spirit, and when the spirit takes control, great things happen.

    People dancing, speaking in tongues, falling to their knees, closing their eyes and raising their hands to the heavens above all are examples of how we, as a church congregation, have been filled with the awesome power of the holy spirit, and once the spirit takes control, nothing can stop it!

    I only hope and pray that those who have chosen to not believe in our lord and savior Jesus could come and experience a service like we had last Sunday. It will make a believer out of anyone, because while some people do not believe it God, our service last sunday would remove the blindfold from their eyes, and fill their sight with the truth of the one and true God. May God bless Pastor Jon, and may God bless the entire FLI congregation. We have found a home, and am proud to say that home is the Fountain of Life!


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