Lite the Fire – Day 3

The residual presence of God in the house at The Fountain this week cannot be denied. It’s an atmosphere that makes one never want to leave. The residual atmosphere of worship has been established at The Fountain for many years now, but times like this take it to a whole new level. One individual told me last night that they wished they could “take this home with me”. In reality, we can.

This may overlap with a previous LTF post but atmospheres can be created in our home that will be inviting for God’ presence to dwell in. Here are a few practical suggestions for this that don’t state the obvious difference maker of making worship part of your home life. (hint hint).

1. Use times of solitude to pray for the atmosphere of your home to be right.

With 5 kids who are all musically gifted, silence doesn’t come often. Imagine 2 guitars, the piano and music on the computer all going at the same time! It’s an everyday occurrence at our home, but when it all settles down, many times I will begin to pray in my spirit that God’s presence will be in our home. Occasionally I will take oil and walk through the house anointing the doorposts of each entry to house and the entry to each room, praying that our house will have the right atmosphere.

2. When things get tense, take the voice level down.

The bible speaks about our speech always being full of grace and seasoned with salt. We aren’t a perfect family and sometimes things get tense and voice levels increase with the rising emotional levels. In those moments, discipline yourself to take the voice level down. You’d be surprised how much of a difference it makes in the atmosphere when your speech and tone are under the control of the Spirit.

3. Monitor the Media

This is huge. What you bring into your home through media affects the atmosphere. TV programming, radio, Internet, etc…. All contribute to the atmosphere. Men especially, you are the guardians of your home. Don’t allow media intake that is going to jeopardize the residual presence of God in your home. These are things you need to have discussions about with your family. Singles, make sure you establish core values for this as well and find a way to stay accountable to those values Establish some core values when it comes to media intake and stick with them.

I still want to hear from you on your experiences at LTF this week. Email them to us or post them on the church’s Facebook page. See you soon.

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