Lite The Fire – Night 1

Tonight we kicked off our annual Lite the Fire week at The Fountain. Over 100 people from the congregation came with anticipation and hungry hearts for what God is going to speak to us this year. Our theme for this year’s LTF is “Call a Solemn Assembly” based on Joel 2:15. Strategically placed during the Days of Awe (The period on the Jewish calendar between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur), we believe God is calling us to a time of personal and corporate repentance to even more greatly prepare us for our assignment in the city God gave us to reach.

Let me encourage all of you on a few key points to make this week something extraordinary in your life.

1. Set Time Aside

This Year’s theme of “Be Intentional” is especially on point during LTF. All of us are prone to the sin of busyness and as Americans our lives are generally full of clutter. If you aren’t intentional about setting time aside to come and pray, 7 days will click off and you’ll miss a great opportunity to go to another level in your walk with Christ.

2. Take Time at Each Station

Each of our 8 prayer stations has been diligently prepared by volunteers who are passionate about that station’s focus. There is a wealth of information for you to read and digest, so my advice to you is not to get in a hurry. Spend an entire block of your intentional time at one station and allow the fullness of that station to sink into your spirit. Then when you come back again, move to another station. I guarantee this will enrich your experience.

3. Write

One thing I have learned from experience is that no matter how great your memory is, you will not remember everything God speaks to you this week. Bring a journal, iPad, laptop or whatever system you use for note taking and write down what your spiritual senses are picking up on. What do you see, hear, feel, taste and smell in the Spirit realm? My prayer is that you will fill multiple pages of notes this week to further build your spiritual foundation.

Enjoy your Week

Pastor Jon

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